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Quality of Care

IQI91 AHRQ Inpatient Mortality for Selected Conditions

What is the source of these Clinical Data comparisons?
The clinical in hosptial mortality measures shown below have been identified by the Agency for Healthcare Research (AHRQ) as being important indicators of care quality. Upstate Medical University participates in these evidence based data collections by making clinical information available to support such efforts.

The "AHRQ Target" shown in these comparisons is a calculated measure developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research, and it is based on risk adjustment information about Upstate Medical University patients. It reflects the fact that some patients are sicker than others or have preexisting conditions that make death more likely. These measures show Upstate Medical University actual and predicted outcomes as well as Upstate Medical Universities performance in relationship to other academic medical centers, as represented by the "Academic Centers' Median" shown.